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Cryptocurrency exchange and the creation of electronic exchanges for cryptocurrency trading is a trend in the modern market. Our firm will help you create the most secure platform.

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Our Crypto Services

Our company provides services to projects working in the field of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. We provide support in such matters as organization of the structure, legal support, professional technical advising and marketing. If you need a license to exchange cryptocurrencies or build a business structure for mining cryptocurrencies, then our specialists will develop the best solution for you.

We can advise and provide the client with a solution both on a specific issue, and we can comprehensively approach the development of a large project in accordance with the client’s vision and market trends

What We Do
  • Cryptocurrency exchange licensing

  • Legal support of mining & Cloud mining projects

  • Payment solutions for crypto projects

  • Opening bank account for crypto projects

Our Offers
Registration of Crypto Exchange in Czech Republic

Registering a crypto company in the Czech Republic provides many opportunities for running a successful international business. This license gives the company the right to conduct business throughout the European Union, which makes its services available almost all over the world. The advantages of the Czech Republic are the relatively low cost of labor, the transparency of the tax system.

Registration of Crypto Exchange in Poland

Crypto authorized company have the right to conduct business throughout the European Union, which makes its services available almost all over the world. Low unit labor costs, easy access to the EU market combined with a large internal market as well as the fact that Polish employees are talented and highly skilled are all advantages for investors who start a business, in addition to the stability and incentives that are available.

Registration of Crypto Exchange in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is known for its business-friendly environment and low corporate tax rates. The country has a stable political environment and a strong financial sector, which make it an attractive location for businesses looking to establish themselves. In addition, financial services regulatory authority of Saint Lucia has developed a clear regulatory framework for crypto assets and exchanges in order to ensure that local companies comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Registration of Crypto Exchange in Lithuania

Lithuania is 3rd most attractive taxation in the EU from OECD countries. Currently corporate tax rate on profit and income equals to 15%, 5% tax rate if annual profit less than 300,000 EUR and in company structure less than 10 employees. In addition, if your annual profit less than 300,000 EUR and in company structure less than 10 employees then you can benefit from 0% corporate tax rate for the 1st year.

Switzerland SRO license

Under Swiss law, financial intermediation and asset management companies can be supervised by SROs (self-regulatory organizations) which are registered with FINMA.

Obtaining crypto-exchange license in Singapore

Tax on profit: 8.5%, if annual profit exceed 300 000 SGD corporate tax rate equals to 17% Tax on dividends – 0% VAT or GST: 7% with a 0% rate for international services as well as exports of goods.

Registration of Crypto Exchange in Kazakhstan

Registering a crypto company in the Kazakhstan provides many opportunities for running a successful international business. This license is not limited by only Kazakhstan customers and gives the company the right to conduct business internationally, which makes its services available almost all over the world. The advantages of the Kazakhstan are the relatively low cost of labor, various tax benefits, favorable environment for investment and well-developed banking system.

Other Services

Asset Tokenization:
Unlocking The Value Of Maritime Assets

Ship tokenization is a groundbreaking concept revolutionizing the maritime industry. By converting ship ownership into digital tokens on a blockchain, it introduces a transparent and efficient way to buy, sell, and trade ownership fractions in vessels. This innovative approach enhances liquidity, widens investor participation, and creates new avenues for financing ships.

Look to us for your Electronic Money Institution licensing needs!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the financial industry, an entrepreneur looking to venture into the digital payment space, or an academic seeking to deepen your understanding of electronic money, EMI Licensing is your go-to resource. Explore our offers in Canada, Lithuania, and United Kingdom.

Establish an offshore presence in the autonomous island of Anjouan, Union of Comoros

We are global experts in providing international offshore licenses and international offshore company formation in various jurisdictions. We are now offering licensing solutions in Anjouan Comoros for a variety of industries which include banking, Forex, cryptocurrency and insurance.

Seychelles Forex & Brokerage Offshore Licenses (FX)

We offer a full package set-up for a Seychelles brokerage Forex license. We will assist you every step of the way to ensure your confidence and trust. Our full package offered includes all mandatory requirements needed for a successful registration and renewal as well as for ongoing compliance with Seychelles forex broker license from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Comoros Forex Licenses

Comoros is one of the comfortable locations for business, most notably in the field of investments and finance. Thanks to its favorable geographical location and no income tax, the Comoros attracts numerous investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world who are looking for favorable conditions for the development of their business.

Need a financial services company in Bulgaria?

Enjoy hassle-free SEPA/SWIFT payment solutions for more business by using local banks and EMIs.

Republic of Georgia Free Zone Financial licenses — Tax Free

The Republic of Georgia Free Industrial Zone is a Free Zone License provided in the Tax Code of Georgia where business-friendly regulations and favorable tax & customs regime apply.

Purchase your Own Swedish Trust Company

The entity could be used to manage Cash, Securities or any type of assets, including all cryptocurrency activities, for clients worldwide. Turn-key packages offered with On-line Banking Software (EBANQ), and (optionally) with a U.S. Money Service Business (MSB) Company, and a U.S. Statutory Trust! Starting from EUR 28,000.00.

Financial company setups in Kazakhstan

A “Silk Road” country Financial Services licensed company by the Ministry of Finance for Payment Services Provider, EMI, FX/Brokerage and Cryptocurrencies with accreditation from the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Service international customers, work without regulators’ intervention and enjoy a maximum of flexibility — conduct your business just like in the good old days.

The affordable hybrid setup for a financial company without any capital requirements – and even Nominee involvements possible.

THIS SOLUTION IS AFFECTED BY SANCTIONS IMPOSED TO RUSSIA OR RUSSIAN BANKS – Currently no banking solutions in Kazakhstan available. We recommend to Mix‘n‘Match with a Bulgarian Professional Trustee Setup.

Republic of Mauritius Forex (FX) Licenses

Enable your clients access to your very own products, such as: Forex Services, Asset Management, Bonds, Deposits, Certificates etc. All-inclusive package — also includes bank account with international prime bank. Best value for money, fast turnaround!

U.S. Money Service Business Company (MSB)

We make it easy for you to start your own U.S. Money Service Business Company (MSB) in the ultra-liberal State of Montana, USA, for Payment Processing Services (PSP), Currency Exchange (FX), Crypto/Fiat Exchange! Starting from only EUR 25,000.00.

We will assist you in registering a Money Services Business (MSB) in Canada, for ONLY 13.999.00 EUR, including the company’s Bank Account!

Welcome to your comprehensive solution for launching a fintech business with Canadian MSB registration! Opting for Canadian MSB is a savvy alternative to European PSPs and EMIs, offering distinct advantages for your financial ventures.

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We are Global Money Consultants

By way of background, Global Money Consultants S.A. is an established and reliable provider — since 1985 — of offshore, onshore and international company formation services. Our client base is diverse and includes consultants, expatriates, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, corporations, legal and accountancy professionals and also individual clients.

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