Obtaining crypto-exchange license in Singapore

Taxation: Tax on profit: 8.5%, if annual profit exceed 300 000 SGD corporate tax rate equals to 17% Tax on dividends – 0% VAT or GST: 7% with a 0% rate for international services as well as exports of goods

Company formation – Includes:

– Mandatory fees
– Contact person
– Legal address for 1 year prepaid
– Local nominee director (mandatory requirement)
– Delivery

Accounting services (up to 25 transactions per month)

Opening corporate bank account in online payment system

Crypto license

• Business plan
• Preparation of Anti-Money Laundering policy and all required documents
• Risk assessment
• Correspondence with MAS
• Legal advisory
• Mandatory fees
• Applying for the license

Total cost for the project
– Company formation with mandatory fees and contact person
– Legal address for 1 year prepaid
– Local nominee director for 1 year prepaid
– Accounting Services for 1 year prepaid
– Opening corporate account in crypto-friendly bank
– Drafting all documents required for the license
– Preparation of Anti-Money Laundering policy according to new guidelines
– Applying for the license with mandatory fees included
– Representation during the registration process
– Assistance with searching and hiring required employees with relevant educationand experience
– Legal assistance during within the project

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