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Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange and the creation of electronic exchanges for cryptocurrency trading is a trend in the modern market. Our firm will help you create the most secure platform.

Our team, based on many years of experience (we have been here since 1985), will select the best jurisdiction, with the presence of regulatory measures in order to maximally protect the client from illegal actions.

We will also advise and help you choose a payment solution for your project, and finally, we will compare different possibilities, for the integrity of the picture, the opportunities available on the market.

About Global Money Consultants

By way of background, Global Money Consultants S.A. is an established and reliable provider — since 1985 — of offshore, onshore and international company formation services. Our client base is diverse and includes consultants, expatriates, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, corporations, legal and accountancy professionals and also individual clients.

Our services include:

• Assisting clients to establish offshore and onshore companies in a wide range of jurisdictions
• The provision of nominee directors and nominee shareholders and secretaries and Registered Offices
• Assisting client companies in the opening and administration of bank accounts
• Company administration and management services
• Procurement of offshore trusts and offshore foundations
• Registration of commercial vessels, pleasure boats and aircraft in various offshore and onshore jurisdictions

At Global Money Consultants we are at the service of the international business community and we take pride living up to our motto: “The Offshore Specialists”.

Interested in Onshore and Offshore business companies?

We can incorporate companies in many jurisdictions, where we bring more incentives for all investors, businesses, entrepreneurs worldwide. Explore and get started today. Whether you are doing business in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas or elsewhere, Global Money Consultants will set up the best trading or holding structure for your business in line with local laws and regulations.

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