Registration of Crypto Exchange in Poland

Crypto authorised company have the right to conduct business throughout the European Union, which makes its services available almost all over the world. Low unit labor costs, easy access to the EU market combined with a large internal market as well as the fact that Polish employees are talented and highly skilled are all advantages for investors who start a business, in addition to the stability and incentives that are available.

A licensed crypto company can perform the following activities:

• Exchange of virtual currency to fiat currency
• Exchange of fiat currency to virtual currency
• Exchange of virtual currency to another virtual currency
• Storage of virtual currency on behalf of your clients
• Transfer of virtual currency between wallets
• Storage of fiat currency on behalf of your client for a certain period of time for the subsequent exchange to cryptocurrency

The license is valid worldwide (except the USA and UN “black listed” countries) Crypto company formation in Poland, includes:

• Preparation of the necessary documents for registration and incorporation of a new company inPoland (physical/remote registration)
• Provision of legal address for 1 year
• Obtaining PESEL number and electronic signature
• Payment of the state fees related to the registration and incorporation of the company
• Template of AML procedures

Important: In Poland, it is necessary to have two founders in the company, otherwise there is an obligation to pay an additional monthly tax of about 250 EUR (insurance premium). When registering a company for two or more founders, each of them must additionally receive a PESEL number (380 EUR) and an electronic signature (700 EUR). Crypto license obtainment, includes:

• Assistance in the corporate account opening in the payment institution of choice (account opening fees not included)
• Assistance in the share capital contribution
• Preparation of individual AML / KYC rules based on your project
• Review of UBO scheme
• Assistance in obtaining from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority the necessary authorization(license) for the Company on providing services related to the virtual assets (crypto-assets) in Poland

Share capital needs to be registered in the amount of 5000 PLN (1065 EUR). This amount must be transferred to the bank account of the company during formation procedure. The full amount can be used in company’s activity after formation procedures are finished.

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