Registration of Crypto Exchange in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is known for its business-friendly environment and low corporate tax rates. The country has a stable political environment and a strong financial sector, which make it an attractive location for businesses looking to establish themselves. In addition, financial services regulatory authority of Saint Lucia has developed a clear regulatory framework for crypto assets and exchanges in order to ensure that local companies comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Expenses for the crypto company in Saint Lucia:

• Preparation of the necessary documents for registration and incorporation of a new company in theSaint Lucia (remote registration);
• Provision of a registered address for the company for a year;
• Payment of the state fees related to the registration and incorporation of the company;
• Registration and incorporation of the Company in accordance with law;
• Obtaining from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority the necessary authorization (license) forthe Company on providing services related to the virtual assets (crypto-assets);
• Preparation of the AML/CFT internal documentation in accordance with the requirements ofAML/CFT law.

No requirements for share capital.

State fee for the license Turnkey software solution for your crypto company

Suggested services for further operational activity:

– Provision of AML officer (part-time)

– (minimum 6 months) Assistance in opening corporate in local bank of Saint Lucia Assistance in opening corporate account in payment system (crypto-friendly)

Additional services:

• Documents delivery by post

• Additional shareholder

• Legal entity is a shareholder

• Nominee service – (minimum 6 months)

• Payment gateway (Merchant account)

• Legal support (up to 10 hours of lawyer job)

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