Registration of Crypto Exchange in Lithuania

Lithuania is 3rd most attractive taxation in the EU from OECD countries. Currently corporate tax rate on profit and income equals to 15%, 5% tax rate if annual profit less than 300,000 EUR and in company structure less than 10 employees. In addition, if your annual profit less than 300,000 EUR and in company structure less than 10 employees then you can benefit from 0% corporate tax rate for the 1st year.

Crypto company formation in Lithuania – includes:

• Preparing company establishment documents and arranging them with Notary (LT or LT/EN languages)
• Provision of legal address for 1 year
• Template of AML procedures
• Notification of FNTT about the start of business
• Notary fees, translation costs and state fees

Account opening and share capital contribution, includes:

• Assistance in the corporate account opening in the payment institution of choice (account opening fees not included)
• Assistance in the share capital contribution

Crypto license obtainment, includes:

• Assistance in acquiring the virtual currency exchange license
• Preparation of individual AML / KYC rules based on your project
• Review of UBO scheme
• Fulfilling and complying with application forms for the virtual currency authorization
• Assistance in the search of the business premises/office in Lithuania and the conclusion of the lease agreement

From 1 November 2022 for new applicants share capital requirement was increased to 125 000 EUR, of which at least 25% (31250 EUR) should be contributed immediately and at least 50% (62500 EUR) should be permanently present on the VASP’s account and demonstrated by the end of each accounting year.

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