Registration of Crypto Exchange in Kazakhstan

Our company is licensed to provide company formation and maintenance services (accounting, consulting, office rental, personnel, licensing, etc.).

Registering a crypto company in the Kazakhstan provides many opportunities for running a successful international business. This license is not limited by only Kazakhstan customers and gives the company the right to conduct business internationally, which makes its services available almost all over the world. The advantages of the Kazakhstan are the relatively low cost of labor, various tax benefits, favorable environment for investment and well-developed banking system.

A licensed crypto company in Kazakhstan can perform the following activities:

• Exchange of virtual currency to fiat currency
• Exchange of fiat currency to virtual currency
• Exchange of virtual currency to another virtual currency
• Storage of virtual currency on behalf of your clients
• Transfer of virtual currency between wallets
• Storage of fiat currency on behalf of your client for a certain period of time for the subsequent exchange to cryptocurrency

Expenses for the crypto company in Kazakhstan:

• Preparation of the necessary documents for registration and incorporation of a new company in the Kazakhstan (physical/remote registration);
• Assistance in obtaining IIN (individual identification number) and EDS (electronic digital signature)for CEO;
• Provision of a legal address for the company for a year;
• Payment of the state fees related to the registration and incorporation of the company;
• Registration and incorporation of the Company in accordance with law;
• Assistance in opening corporate account in payment system (crypto-friendly);
• HR services for search and recruitment required local employees;
• Preparation of the AML/CFT internal documentation in accordance with the requirements ofAML/CFT law;
• Legal fees for assistance in drafting all necessary documents for license application (filling application forms, preparation of internal rules, data on information and other technological tools and systems, description of internal control system, description of organizational structure and other documents).
• Obtaining from the Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA) the necessary license for the Company on providing services related to the virtual assets (crypto-assets) in Kazakhstan;

Share capital requirements: at least 10 BTC in corporate wallet and 12-months operational expenses amount in corporate account. Another fundamental requirement is preparation of business plan with financial forecast for 3 years. You can prepare it by your own team or you can order it from our team.

The minimum number of employees who should be in the company:

• Executive director (can be foreigner);
• CFO (can be foreigner);
• CTO (can be foreigner);
• Risk Manager (can be foreigner);
• Local AML officer;
• Local Compliance officer.

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